Welcome to aunua team

Small Steps make Big Changes

Aunua’s team of professional experts are empowering teenagers to find their R.O.A.R through enabling them to:

Recognise (their emotions)

Open (talk about how they feel)

Accept (accept how they feel and accept differences in others)

Reconnect (find their smile, find themselves and reach out to others)

Aunua’s aim is to encourage and support teenagers through the challenges and pressures of everyday life. With increasing emphasis on the importance of positive mental health. Aunua aims to help teenagers to be more resilient against all types of bullying, Self-harming, pressures on body image and ultimately the prevention of suicide. Through breaking down the barriers and showing teenagers new ways to see things, new choices and better ways to relate to others, we are empowering them to find their R.O.A.R

Step 1

The Initial message is self- belief and creating a better mind-set. Focusing on achieving personal goals.
Providing anti-bullying strategies through support and acceptance.

Step 2

Stress management with meditation techniques from our Mindfulness speaker.
Followed by practical tips and advice from our speakers on Fitness, Nutrition and life coaching.

Step 3

Be inspired and empowered with our inspirational speakers, Creative writer and artists/Musicians ….a fun filled ending to the programme.

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Tel: Karina 085 7745889